Important Notification

In recognising the impacts of COVID-19 that may make physical attendance difficult for some, the conference will offer the opportunity to present papers in special virtual sessions. The options to present in Lille or online will be completely separate.  Attendees can make the decision to present in Lille or online at a later stage. A deadline to that decision will be fixed in due curse. Depending on the development of Covid-19 and vaccination rollout, the number of people participating online could be smaller or larger. 
In addition, all plenary and keynote sessions will be live streamed and recorded and made accessible via the ACEI website.

Call for presentations


Why participate?
As part of the 21st ACEI Conference in Lille (France), we host a workshop for graduate students working on the economics of arts, culture and creative industries. Successful applicants get to familiarize themselves with the cultural economics community and to present a project (a paper or dissertation). They receive feedback from a senior researcher in a related field, as well as from fellow graduate students, and act as discussants for another student’s project. Furthermore, the YRW features a plenary session on the state of cultural economics, its applications and job prospects.

The most important dates
The YRW takes place on 6 July 2021, just ahead of the main conference.
After acceptance, we recommend that presenters submit full papers or dissertation excerpts by 11 june 2021, to aid discussants in the preparation.

The format of presentations
Each student presentation is set to ca. 15 minutes, followed by another 10 minutes of feedback from two discussants.

Participation for students with restricted ability to travel
For the first time at the YRW, we will seek to enable presentations via video-conferencing for a few, excellent projects. This initiative is aimed at two types of students: on the one hand, residents of low and mid-income countries, who would not be able to attend in person due to financial reasons or visa restrictions; on the other hand, students with a permanently restricted ability to travel for health reasons.

If video-conferencing is your preferred and only mode of participation, please note this in your proposal, and briefly explain why this is the case (up to 150 words in addition to the proposal). This option is only available for a handful of projects.

Details regarding applications
The YRW is aimed at postgraduate students, e.g. doctoral or PhD candidates. Advanced master students are also eligible. For suitable themes, please consult the conference call for papers at the submission page.
Please submit an abstract of your project of no more than 500 words, like the main conference applicants.

Organizers of the YRW

Main facilitator of the ACEI YRW 2020+1 is Christian Handke of Erasmus University Rotterdam. A team of senior cultural economists, including ACEI Executive Board members, will select participants and act as discussants.

We are looking forward to your proposals!